Empower Work

Empower Work provides free and confidential support for critical life moments.

Equal Rights Advocates

Legal non-profit focused primarily on policy and impact litigation related to the rights of women and girls.

Eviction Defense Center

Eviction defense non-profit in Oakland.

Eviction Defense Collaborative

Non-profit providing eviction defense and emergency rental assistance in SF.

Family and Children's Law Center

Non-profit providing family law assistance in Marin.

Healthy Alternatives to Violent Environments (HAVEN)

HAVEN supports survivors of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Human Trafficking in Stanislaus County.

Homeless Action Center

Provides legal assistance to those who are chronically homeless.

Housing and Economic Rights Advocates

Non-profit legal provider working on consumer and debt issues for low and moderate-income Californians.

Housing Rights Committee

Non-lawyer housing counselors in SF.

Human Rights Commission

The Human Rights Commission advocates for human and civil rights, and works in service of the City’s anti-discrimination laws to further racial solidarity, equity, and healing.

Immigration Center for Women and Children

Immigration provider focused on women and children in SF.

Immigration Institute of the Bay Area

Non-profit Immigration Legal provider