The Eviction Defense Collaborative (EDC) is the primary referral for people who are threatened with an eviction by notice (a warning to do something or leave) or a lawsuit (summons and/or complaint for unlawful detainer). Anyone in this situation should be directed to the EDC’s drop-in clinic immediately. Notices have deadlines, and eviction lawsuits require tenants respond within 5 calendar days – failure to do so could result in them losing the case without having an opportunity to contest or respond.

EDC can also help with a Sheriff’s notice to vacate a unit.

Ways to Contact

Call 415.470.5211 or email

For assistance with rental assistance, call, email, or go to EDC's Rental Assistance Disbursement Component (RADCo) drop-in hours for an initial assessment (follow up appointments may be scheduled in the afternoons) at 976 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103. RADCo. Drop-in hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 10-11:30am and 1-2:30pm.


Contact EDC as soon as possible after receiving a notice or eviction. See more information HERE.

EDC will conduct an intake and staff will assist you in responding to the notice or unlawful detainer before the deadline. This is only the beginning of the case but it is necessary that you act immediately. EDC may be able to help with further representation, or refer to another attorney who can assist.


Collect and bring all key information if possible: all related paperwork (which may include notices, summons, unlawful detainer, or sheriffs notice), names of key people, court dates and deadlines, and any questions you have.