The Public Defender represents clients with active criminal cases or warrants in their county, assuming the client cannot afford a private attorney. While your client may not know the name of their public defender, and the public defenders can be hard to reach, they are the best suited to assist the client unless the client wants to pay for private counsel.

If the client has questions related to criminal actions, or potential criminal actions, in another County, they must contact the public defenders office in that county and/or the federal public defenders for that region.

Ways to Contact

Call (209) 525-4200 and ask for your attorney or an attorney of the day (your attorney may be in court, and any attorney in the office can answer most questions). For the juvenile division call (209) 468-4252. This is a privileged call!


After you call in, the organization will tell you next steps. Be prepared to provide your name and date of birth. If possible, compile questions in advance so you get the information you need from the call.