Through its helpline, the Transgender Law Center provides information and advice about issues related to gender expression (gender and name change, employment discrimination, health care access, public accommodations discrimination, etc.). Full representation is typically reserved for cases with a potential for far-reaching legal impact.

Ways to Contact

Complete a request for legal information in English HERE or in Spanish HERE. You can also call them by phone: 510.587.9696 (English) or 415.296.2029 (Spanish). Collect line for people in prison and detention: 510.380.8229.


After you call in or submit a request, the organization will tell you next steps.


Collect key information in advance if possible: case numbers, names of key people, court dates and deadlines, documents related to the issue, and any questions you have. If you have questions about gender and or name change documents please include the location where you were born (city, state, country). If you are working with a caseworker and would like to keep them updated please also provide that information.