This initiative is a project of a number of organizations. It aims to streamline the citizenship application process for individuals who already have a green card. Your client must have a green card to access services.

Ways to Contact

For workshop dates and more information about citizenship application assistance, you can leave a voicemail on one of the organization's multilingual hotlines. English is at 415.662.8901; for other numbers go HERE.

A calendar of workshops can be found HERE.


At the workshop, the staff will go over the naturalization process and assess eligibility. Eligible individuals will receive help with application preparation, documentation packaging, and review by an attorney or qualified representative. Before attending, review the “How to Prepare” page HERE.

The naturalization application filing fee is $725. To request a fee waiver, you must also bring recent written proof of any public benefits (CalWorks, SSI, Medi-Cal, General Assistance, etc.) you receive.


Must bring the paperwork they listed on their website.