This is the Bar Association’s intake line that connects callers to private lawyers. Private attorney referrals are usually most applicable for low-income populations when there is no non-profit help available, or for cases where there might be funds recovered to pay an attorney (personal injury, a lawsuit against someone to recover funds for some kind of damage, SSI/SSDI, insurance cases, etc.).

Ways to Contact

Call (209) 948-4620 or request a referral online by filling out a request form HERE.


Responses may take 2-5 days. During the initial call, Bar Association staff will do an intake to determine what kind of help you need. They will then connect you to the appropriate kind of private lawyer.

The cost for this information and a 30 minute consultation with the lawyer is $40. The fee is waived for certain cases (workers compensation or personal injury plaintiff's side), but is not waived based on income level.