East Bay Family Defenders’ (EBFD) Family Defense Community Clinic (FDCC) offers consultation, training, and interdisciplinary representation to individuals, families and community allies involved with dependency court, or at risk of involvement.

Services offered include: 1) consultation and advice to individuals, families and community members about preventative family safety planning options free of government surveillance and control; 2) training and education to individuals and community allies; and 3) limited legal defense representation for parents with pending or active juvenile dependency cases in California.

Ways to Contact

Call 510.488.1005 or submit inquiry HERE. Note that if you have a dependency case in Alameda County, you will have an assigned attorney from Alameda County Parent's Counsel.


After you call in, the organization will tell you next steps.


Collect key information in advance if possible: case numbers, names of key people, court dates and deadlines, documents related to the issue, and any questions you have.