The Cooperative Restraining Order Clinic (CROC) is the primary referral for clients in need of domestic violence restraining orders in SF. They have frequent clinics and assist clients with their paperwork and representation in court. CROC encourages clients with questions about restraining orders (even those who are unsure if they need or want a restraining order) to call and meet with the staff to discuss options.

Ways to Contact

Call CROC at (415) 969-6711 to schedule an appointment for an upcoming CROC Clinic. You will likely leave a voicemail with a safe number and then receive a call back.


After you call in, you will do an intake on the phone and then you will be scheduled for an appointment either during the clinic (with childcare), which is alternating Thursdays and Saturdays, or at another time if needed.

At the initial appointment, you will be interviewed individually by staff or trained volunteers who complete the requisite court forms and declarations to apply for a restraining order. CROC staff will file this paperwork with the Court, and assist you with the next steps.

If you are having trouble getting an appointment for any reason, you can call the CROC office directly at 415.864.1790.


Collect key information in advance if possible: case numbers, names of key people, court dates and deadlines, documents related to the issue, and any questions you have.